Wilh + Co Approach

At W+Co we endeavour to include an element of fun in the work we do.

Our missionis to generate designs that will compliment our clients’ needs. In our view, it is the clients, their families, combined with their ways of living, which ultimately infuse the spaces they occupy, with life.

Our public buildings are aimed at providing welcoming and inviting environments for their users. The focus plays on relationships between public perceptions and corporate identities. Spaces are arranged around the rhythmic functions of the work-place and the visiting public, and how these two can co-exist in harmony. Through it all we aspire to always include anticipation, and excitement into their experiences.

Our private, residential projects aim to express individuality through translating the brief into a creative expression of the clients’ individual and current needs. Partly, the goal is to shape a timeless shell to act as a blank canvas, onto which the ever-changing needs and expressions of the client can be painted. We believe in the constant evolution of needs, desires and visions.

Wilh van der Merwe

B.Arch (UPE) 1993

Being an architect gives me the opportunity to live out my passion for space: spatial development is the basis of good architecture. Well-developed space, no matter how is it is dressed, will always result in a comfortable experience.

Buildings are merely envelopes for living. So why not feel fantastic in your envelope?

Wilh + Co Furniture and Interior Objet

Wilh + Co Furniture and Interior Objet for things WOW.

The mission is to bring unique décor pieces to the market. Wilh + Co furniture and interior objet is the one place where you can find texture, scale and soul all in one piece.





Our inspiration is nature and sustainability with a touch of glamour.

As the world moves into an era in touch with the earth, where tactile and wholesome is key Wilh + Co furniture and interior objet is the direct access point.

Please click here to page through the flavours of Wilh + Co Furniture and Interior Objet.

Santa’s Shoebox Project

wilh_co santas shoebox4

It is very rapidly nearing the end of the year and the time when those who live in the shadows become completely forgotten while the rest of us speed off to our fun filled December breaks. Despite the crazy pace of our work and lives we need to be grateful for the privilege that we do have work and crazy lives. Being grateful must be expressed through deeds.  Thanks to a call form a friend we were drafted into the Santa’s Shoebox project:

“The Santa Shoebox Project is an inspiring community initiative of the Kidz2Kidz Trust that co-ordinates the donation, collection and distribution of personalized gifts at Christmas time to underprivileged children across South Africa and Namibia.”

What better way to express your gratitude than to contribute to the joy of children. We managed to put 20 boxes together with the jolly assistance of Jandre, Lindi, Liesl, George, Alan and Anna.

There is still time to add your shoebox. http://live.santashoeboxhelper.co.za/start.htm

Just do it!


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Recently I went to educate myself on the rational design method of achieving compliance in terms of the SANS 10400-XA building regulations. I am proud to announce that Wilh+co can now offer this method of certification which leads to much better results with regards to the amount of affordable glazing we can use in buildings. With the calculation methods prescribed by the new building regulations we have been force to make our buildings with the large windows that we have been so used to in South Africa unnecessarily expensive to achieve compliance. Rational design gives us the opportunity to prove that good design will prevail. I am over the moon with the results and the peace of mind that finally our design style is proven to deliver excellent thermal control results.

We now have the tools and knowledge to reduce the fenestration specifications significantly on our buildings. On the first project we have implemented our new calculation method we have managed to save our client R150,000.00 plus on the reduced specification for the windows. Even skylights have made a comeback all within the bounds of the new SANS 10400-XA building regulations. The excitement abounds: we are taking the light back!

Welcome to our new website.

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It has been long overdue and now we are finally launching the new Wilh+co website. With the help of the amazing bunch at That’s It Communications we have managed to restyle the old Wilh+White into a brand new and fresh Wilh+co. Although the name has changed our attitude to our work has not. We are still in the business of fine design and personal service.

We are currently working on a range of exciting projects all in various stages of completion. I the following weeks they will all be introduced and discussed on the blog. The beauty of net conversations. We promise not to bore.