Architectural Design

Wilh + Co has extensive experience in architectural design and project administration. We take your building project from inception to completion.

Interior design and consulting

Interior design completes the design process of a building and it is an essential in the realization of how space functions and how it is perceived. We believe that design needs to flow and balance to the smallest punctuation to bring out the full potential of the space created by the building envelope.

Procurement and installation co-ordination

Wilh + Co has vast experience in procurement for installations of specialized sub contractors for design projects.

Furniture Design and outsourcing for manufacturing

As a holistic design orientated firm we find great joy in taking our design to every aspect of the built environment.

Landscape design, specializing in indigenous species, outsourcing of implementation

All buildings are sculptures and any sculpture needs to be displayed in the appropriate way to make it communicate its message. Landscaping creates the setting in which the building is viewed and creates the views that complement the interior spaces.

It is indispensable to the total design of the project. Although we do not have qualified landscape designers at Wilh + Co, years of experience in the field have equipped us to extend our design skills to this aspect of the building process with an aptitude for indigenous and endemic planting.